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The best Call of Duty game I've

on Wed Nov 17, 2010 10:47 pm
[b][br][br]The best Call of Duty game I've played yet

I am a huge fan of World at War, finding the zombies, multiplayer and single player to all be excellent game modes. I was also very impressed by Call of Duty 4's single player and multiplayer, but found myself very let down by a short, offensive and unentertaining single player campaign in MW2, coupled with a buggy multiplayer experience that I gave up on with in a few months of purchasing the game.

I was tentatively hopeful that Black Ops would provide a more enjoyable

experience. I was blown away by how good this game is. First, if you view

my MW2 review, every single one of the key issues/suggestions I had has

been fixed in Black Ops. Beyond that, the single player is longer, more

entertaining and more interesting than MW2. The multiplayer feels more

like COD4 and COD:WaW than MW2, which is a very good thing in my book. However, the game does borrow many of the ideas, perks and tweaks that MW2 implemented, which results in the best COD multiplayer experience I have seen yet.

Zombies also makes a return in COD:BO, with two full fledged maps,

as well as a hidden game (Dead Ops Arcade) and the classic game Zork

both being accessible through a PC terminal hidden in the main menu of

the game.

All said and done, a fan of the single player will find that the intel, variable difficulties and enjoyable campaign will provide over a dozen hours of entertainment. I know first hand that zombies alone can provide dozens and dozens hours of entertainment, and the multiplayer is the best online FPS experience I have had on the 360 to date. (I consider it superior to the past COD games, as well as Halo, Gears of War and Battlefield games.)

I've spent weeks playing COD4 and COD:WaW, and I highly expect to find

even more value and reasons to keep playing Call of Duty: Black Ops.

While not all game types will align with everyone's tastes, I fully expect there to enough here for every fan of first person shooters to be able to find enough entertainment to justify a purchase.

Just saw this on Amazon: 'Call of Duty: Black

Ops' by Activision Publishing (Nov ...

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