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US Weekly Magazine

on Wed Oct 13, 2010 11:02 pm
Us weekly magazine is the source to keep up with the entertainment world. It updates readers with information about the happenings that occur during the week. It increases the knowledge of the incidents or an event occurs in Hollywood. So this magazine is popular in between the readers of the world. It also changes our life style according to the world. Many of the readers are updated through breaking news, the current affairs, sports, education and no. of more fields in which interested persons made their careers.
Some of the weekly updates given by this magazine are given below to the readers:-
Film industry: Us weekly Magazine is played an imported role in the film industry. Every week, updates the readers or artists according to this industries. All the readers or artists know about the latest celebrity, actors or artists are entered in the film industry. It provides in-depth editorials on top personalities, events and developments current in the world of entertainment. The fashions which are involved all come out from this industry.
Entertainment: According to entertainment, these magazines also played an important role to keep the readers in touch with it. It updates the readers to keep you up-to-date on the hottest shows, trends and what's coming up. Every week, all the programs of the TV shows guide will be updated and reached to the readers so they can never missed their entertainment or educational programs from which they can increased their knowledge.
Us weekly magazine providing you many packages deals. Us weekly magazine which publishes 52 issues in 1 year. Its price is $54.90, Second Year 104 issues & the cost is $107.99, Third Year 156 issues & the cost is $158.97. Save with this special price while it lasts. Up to 3 year subscriptions available. US weekly Magazine covers film, video, television and contemporary music. It provides in-depth editorials on top personalities, events and developments current in the world of entertainment. In addition, we offer free shipping & no sales tax on all our magazine subscription orders. So, subscribe to US weekly magazine with many more magazine & discounts at very cheap rates online through our website.
Author Bio: Michael is the owner of a magazine bargains website & offers magazine subscriptions on various Magazines like: Us weekly magazine, Star magazine, Jet Magazine, Nursing Magazines etc. Michael also offers cheap magazine subscriptions to other favorite titles like: Nursing 2011 Magazine, the Economist & many more.
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