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it not only suits for you but also show your owm style

on Sun Jul 31, 2011 12:52 am
And how much do you know about the relations with diamond? some times, diamond can show your own style, in general,diamond has seven series. Round,Marquise-cut,oval,Emerald shape,Pear Cut,Square and heart-shaped . every kind of [] has it's special personality.The frist kind: Round ,you are a very wife and good at your housework also nice to every one if like the round dimond jewelry.The second: Marquise-cut style,You are a success business woman.The third:Lively and innovative,you life is full of happy things.The fourth:Square , Discreet, careful thought.The fifth: Heart style: you must Imaginative, is the ideal artist.The sixth:oval shape is the Individualist, independent character.The last one :Emerald shape , has Strong appeal and must be the leader of the others.Now, do you know those style of []? do you know what's kind of personality you are? Hope every one can find a suitable and favorite diamond .
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