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Let the employee start to set up to experience together the conviction of difficult

on Tue Apr 19, 2011 11:47 pm
situation with business
enterprise.Face an economic crisis.Transfer a market in time.Doing two hand
preparation is the most important.Although since 2006.The Hao treads a shoe
industry to start to develop own brand in the local market.But big part still
export business.It is influenced by international situation greatly.The anti-
risk ability is the lowest in the economic crisis.Since last year.The Hao trod
a shoe industry to transfer a market in time.Transfer "cultivation of both
the inner and the outer" from the pure exit business.

"Old profession" not only
done to export.Also gradually transfer the center of gravity to a local
market."Nation always at emphasize and expand inside need, protect a
growth.Local ten several population of hundred million.It is a huge market that
can not get more to us.Containing can not the consumption ability of the small
Qu."Li Jin Hui analyzes a way.Food and clothing's living to go is each one
personal consumption of essential to have.It is the MBT Scarpe shoes of
"essential consumer goods".Being also an everyone can not be
little.Several near in the last yearses.Most of shoe factories all young man Be
mainly consume community.Concentrated the production athletic shoes, and
shoes.etc..The Hao treads a shoe industry but does exactly the opposite.Main
concentration production medium old age, medium low brand shoe of file
time.Fill up medium old-age blank in the market of shoes product.

Discover the opportunity in the
crisis.Start to set up own brand.Business enterprise also ability the market in
the economic crisis and the fierce competition neutral foot.It isn't only
such.Hao's treading a shoe industry is in producing the spot management.Set the
strict performance consume to use settle the sum wait an economy way.For
example in noting a Su use bottom anticipating link.Before each shoe consumes
the bottom using to anticipate is 400500 grams.But if each shoe saves 5%
bottoms to anticipate.One born productivity dint of company is 10,000 pairs of
or so.So can save 250 kilograms of bottoms to anticipate for a day.Be worth of
about 1500 dollars.Comes downed and then saved the cost of several 100,000
dollarses for a year.The economy energy reduces a row.Commence from each small
detail.The production value that anticipates this year's company will keep with
last year same level.Can reach to more than 10000 dollarses 8000.The
opportunity always gives a person who have the preparation.At present.The Hao
trod shoe already to build a new factory premises in the Li city economy
development area.Prepare to carry on an inter-disciplinary investment.Also
preparation with one famous child the shoe brand is joint venture.Distinctly
military advance hinterland market.
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